May you experience the magic and wisdom of being you.
— Yolanda


the magic of your true nature and spiritual design

Energy Methods and Intuitive Development for Life Management and Spiritual Evolution


Reiki is more than an energy balancing technique; it’s a system that supports your process of self-awakening.

Whether you want to go deeper into your practice, manage life with more grace or gain clarity around your path and purpose…

…your experience will be impacted by your ability to manage mind, emotions, will, body AND energy. I will show you how!

it’s time to experience the real magic that is you!

“The lamps are different, but the light is the same. one matter, one energy, one light, one light-mind, endlessly emanating all things.” - rumi


The Energetic Alchemist

Ask yourself - what am i searching for, right now…and why?

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When you seek to understand the world around you, you’re trying to understand the world within. That’s how this journey begins…

live an extraordinary life…

…and support the collective…

…by realizing you’re heaven within earth!

when you seek, your teachers will appear

I found myself reading websites, like you are now. And because I know what it’s like to search for the “right” teachers, I give you the most valuable information and practices I’ve learned from my teachers, as well as some golden nuggets that I’ve learned through personal experience.

I am a student and teacher. I am an Energetic Alchemist.

My work supports you in living, functioning and creating from a more awakened state of being! You are here to go deeper into your spiritual awakening and to finally understand more about your innate abilities. The good news is that it only requires your decision to begin and allowance of change, through practice.

if you’re ready to clarify your spiritual intent, understand your role as a “healer”, activate the gifts of being an empath or access your higher states of consciousness…

I’ve simplified what I learned over the years in order to support you! You can bridge the gap between your physical and non-physical awareness. Choose from my guided, easy-to-follow courses, or schedule a personal session to gain clarity.


wake up to your true nature

by choosing your next step below…

  1. Instead of getting spirituality “right”, you will recognize how it’s expressed in all that you are, perceive and do.

  2. Rather than going crazy, trying to figure out your singular purpose, you’ll see there’s purpose in all things, including the current phase of your path, right now!

  3. And instead of wondering if you truly understand, I will guide you through real experience…

    I teach Energetic Alchemy, with systems like Usui Reiki Ryoho, all levels, intuitive development, elemental balancing and chakra mirroring. You can begin your intuitive training online, right now, OR activate your Alchemy Circle membership…

Be Your Own Energy Healer: Chakra Journey, with Yolanda

Be Your Own Energy Healer: Chakra Journey, with Yolanda