the magic of your true nature and spiritual design

Podcast, Online-Courses and Retreats to Facilitate Energetic Alchemy; Harmonizing Body, Mind and Energy


Reiki is more than an energy balancing technique; it’s a system that supports your process of self-awakening.

I believe that peace and clarity of mind are possible. I believe that unconditional love and compassion are attainable. I believe that we support change and healing for the world by initiating change and healing for ourselves. This is why I share what has made this process real in my life and perspective. I will share with you what has helped in the ongoing healing process of my own heart and mind. And through the processes that I share, you will awaken to the truth of your being that defies language. It’s about experience.

Welcome to the magic that is you!

“The lamps are different, but the light is the same. one matter, one energy, one light, one light-mind, endlessly emanating all things.” - rumi


3 Essentials | Being Reiki

Usui Reiki Ryoho Initiation, All Levels

Shoden: Body

Okuden: Mind

Shinpiden: Spirit

Certification upon successful completion

Elements | The Courses

Become a true Energetic Alchemist and learn to trust your intuitive nature.
These tools and techniques help you feel more confident in your practice!

You are just one click away from experiencing your spiritual nature...
start now!

Reiki Radio | Podcast

The Reiki podcast that supports YOU and your path! These are REAL conversations to inspire your own intuitive insights and understanding of energetic alchemy.

You will ask yourself new questions and deepen your experience of what it means to BE and live your spirituality.


The Energetic Alchemist

Ask yourself - what am i searching for, right now?

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When you seek to understand the world around you, you’re trying to understand the world within. That’s how this journey begins…

11 lil’ facts to help you get to know ME

  1. I love energy work, and I do not subscribe to the limiting belief that there is only one way to be effective in your practice. In fact, through my courses you will learn a blend of techniques and principles. All roads lead to you.

  2. I am originally from Washington DC, but I currently reside in Southern California, which seems to be a hub for yogis and energy-workers.

  3. I used to see a pink, translucent woman in the kitchen every night before being told imagination wasn’t real. Fortunately, I’ve learned to accept the unseen and imagination as “normal” aspects of reality. I will teach you all about it in Intuitive Mastery.

  4. My passion for this work forced me out of being an introvert and into starting Reiki Radio. I’m in love with the podcast and the community that has grown out of it!

  5. I only meditate as I feel guided; I don’t force myself to reach a certain timeframe or outcome. If you’re just starting, the secret is to just sit, period (or use guided meditations).

  6. By the time I was 13, I lived in four different states. Let’s just say that without knowing the gifts of energetic alchemy, that was tough for a young empath. On the upside, I learned so much about diversity through various cities and friends of all cultures!

  7. I got started in this work because I was seeking peace, clarity and purpose. When I finally surrendered to the process, I became very acquainted with my ego and Higher Self. Reiki was the catalyst.

  8. I believe there is magic in all things; especially YOU!

  9. Self-healing has been the greatest and most challenging gift of my life.

  10. Even though she has crossed over, my grandmother is my daily inspiration to show up in love.

  11. I give thanks, everyday, to be able to work with students and clients from all over the world! I’m also thankful that you are here, now, ready to go deeper into your self-work in support of the collective…

Be Your Own Energy Healer: Chakra Journey, with Yolanda

Be Your Own Energy Healer: Chakra Journey, with Yolanda

when you seek, your teachers will appear

I found myself reading websites, like you are now. And because I know what it’s like to search for the “right” teachers, I give you the most valuable information and practices I’ve learned.

I am a student and teacher. I am an Energetic Alchemist.

I host Reiki Radio podcast and I’ve studied way too many techniques to count! But the good news is that I’ve simplified what I learned in order to share these tools and practices with you in EASY, comprehensive ways.

  1. Instead of getting spirituality “right”, you will recognize that it’s expressed in all that you are, perceive and do.

  2. Rather than going crazy, trying to figure out your singular purpose, you’ll see there’s purpose in all things, including the current phase of your path, right now!

  3. And instead of wondering if you truly understand, allow yourself to learn through real experience…

    I teach Usui Reiki Ryoho, all levels and provide certification. I also teach intuitive development, which you can begin online, now.

    wake up to your true nature!

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