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Don’t Judge the Divine By His or Her Cover...
— Yolanda

I’m not going to sugarcoat because this really matters…

You’re probably trying to get spiritual “right”, proving to yourself (and others) that you’re spiritual enough. There’s an internal war of how to be spiritual AND exist in this material realm with other people who don’t “get it”.


Take a breath and let this sink in…


YOU ARE SPIRITUAL (“enough” is a story and you don’t need to quantify). Even the people that you believe are not spiritual…guess what…they are because we all are by nature. You, we, are spiritual by nature and design. The problem is that you are trying to figure out how to be what you are instead of recognizing you can’t be anything but.

Spiritual is…

According to the dictionary, spir·it·u·al (adjective) is:

  1. relating to or affecting the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.

Spirit (life-force) is why and how you exist. You don’t become spiritual; you are spiritual by design. And now that we got that cleared up, let’s get to the good stuff…

Spirituality is…

According to the dictionary, spir·it·u·al·i·ty (noun) is:

  1. the quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.

You are here because you are concerned with your own spirit and soul.

Your spirituality is how you show up. It’s how you relate to others. It expresses through your words, actions and ENERGY! It’s how you exist and manage your spiritual essence.


But how are you managing and expressing your spiritual nature?


That’s where this gets tricky. You have been so conditioned to focus your attention “out there” – how others perceive you, validation, criticism and acceptance. And all of this has sent you in a tailspin of questioning if who you are being feels authentic.


Is what “they” say true? Are you showing up authentically? Are you afraid of BEING your true self? Do you know who you are beneath all of these stories?

pause and Admit you’re magic!

Yes, right now, stop wondering and give yourself permission to admit you’re magic. You are intuitive. You are an energetic alchemist. You are spirit in form. You’re spiritual, period (even if you don’t fully realize it yet).


Now how do you realize your spiritual nature and learn how to use your spiritual gifts?


Again, you have probably been focusing outward; how you can help others and become a healer, coach, counselor or just a better person.

Bring it on in…

You can do, be and express all of this, but to understand any of it, you have to first understand how it applies and works for you.

Why does your energy matter?

Why do you want to recognize your intuitive nature?

How does any of this impact your life experience?

What is your true nature and how do you embody and express this “light” everyone talks about?

Your Spirituality Is Not…

…your certifications, collection of crystals and the amount of books you have read. It’s not just smudging rooms and wearing malas. And it’s not saying you’re spiritual, It’s being YOU!

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy all of these elements that speak to our spiritual practices, but they are just things unless you reclaim your mind, body and energy! You are what amplifies the energy (or magic) of these tools…and even techniques.

All of this is about your practice of self-mastery, first and foremost. This begins with self-observation and includes self-healing, self-love and transformation. It’s how you use these tools and apply these spiritual principles into your way of life and being. Then by default, you begin to live as the expression of your true nature (recognizing your gifts and all the fun stuff, too).

Time To Wake Up…

In these online classes you will learn what it means to be in body, consciously. You will learn how to manage your energy and why it’s so important. You will recognize your choice and what it means to BE an expression of your true nature. You’ll recognize the purpose that’s woven through all choices and experiences. And you’ll finally learn how to use your intuitive mind with confidence, while being an effective Energetic Alchemist.

Are you ready to build a new relationship with yourself, with life…with being ONE?


It’s a wild ride, but you will realize you’re magic!

embody the light that is you, in remembrance of True-self


– 1 –

acknowledge and reclaim your body


– 2 –

understand your emotions and power


– 3 –

direct your actions and transformation


– 4 –

manage your mind: perceptions and intuition


– 5 –

your practice of self-mastery: daily living