Before we get started, step out of any doubt because you are designed for this! You are about to go beyond spiritual concepts and into experience.

I will show you how spirituality is your being. It's how you exist and choose to interact with life. It's how you create and express what it means to be you. But instead of pretending that you're enjoying every part of "being spiritual", let's be real…this sh*t is hard! Not only are you dedicated to being a LOVING person, but you also want to:

  • become an effective energy healer

  • provide accurate intuitive insights

  • feel confident as a practitioner or teacher

This is all great and useful, but if you are ONLY focused on becoming a practitioner or "perfecting" techniques...


Here's one of the secrets: Living into your spirituality goes beyond what you read in books or practice in classes. It's how you treat yourself and all others. It's the choices you make, DAILY, and the tools you use. Yes, I will show you how to transform energy, effectively, and trust your intuition with more confidence, but the REAL gem in all of this is...

RECLAIMING YOUR MIND, BODY AND ENERGY, understanding what it means to LIVE and BE an expression of your true spiritual nature. Your "practice" serves a higher purpose: awakening.

Like every other adventure in life, when you decide to "awaken" or to explore what all of these spiritual practices are about, you will experience highs and lows. You will feel thankful...most days. You will cry and wonder if you're doing it all wrong. You will secretly wonder if you're spiritual enough.

I know you want to get it "right", but do you get the gold star for being an amazing healer, lightworker, psychic, yogi, empathic spiritual-warrior?

Moment of Truth...

There's no gold star. There is no induction into the spiritual hall of fame.

This entire wild-ride you've's all about you. Even if you decide to hold space for other people; it's still about you and your self-healing! It's about what you discover as you remember you. Your gifts and lessons. Your perspectives and choices. You, you and more you.

You're quite amazing, as you’ll find out. And I don't expect you to believe me, blindly, so I have a gift for you.

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PSA for Empaths:

Do you avoid life...the news...people and places because you're "too sensitive"?

Your empathic nature is a gift. When you don't know how to manage your gift, it feels like a burden!

Your life is meant to be lived - not avoided!

The world needs your empathy, love and compassion!

You can't help to uplift the collective if you're too afraid to look at...the collective.

Knock it off!

I have some amazing information for you, too. And I know how you feel because I used to avoid many things when I didn't understand how magical energy is…how amazing we are, by design!

Ready for some real TEA?
(the energetic alchemist that is you)

Whether you're just beginning or entering your next cycle of initiation, this is where you go deeper.

Going deeper into you is not some spiritual means learning to be an observer.

Being an observer of you is where you will begin and return, no matter where you are on your path.

So, consider this a gift...a welcoming and virtual hug from me to you! I will guide you in becoming an observer and help you understand the significance.

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