Personal Sessions and Group Work

The basics for all sessions:

  1. be in a quiet space, free from distractions

  2. have something to write with, taking note of your insights and experiences

  3. have drinking water, and drink plenty of it after your session

  4. give yourself permission to receive whatever is needed in the highest and best for you

  5. take a deep breath, open your heart and enjoy

Reiki Sessions:
The beauty of distant Reiki sessions is that you get to enjoy this work from the comforts of your own home! We are often most relaxed in our own environments, which allows you more space and ability to just let go and experience...

I recommend no alcohol or recreational drugs for at least 24 hours prior to your session. Be in a quite space where you can relax, lying on your back. Some people like to create a meditative atmosphere for themselves, by lighting candles and playing relaxing music, similar to having a massage. *remember to silence your phone
Before your session begins, please take note of how you feel, physically and/or emotionally. It also helps to give yourself permission to receive balancing in the highest and best way for you. That simple acknowledgement brings you into the process of your own energetic transformation. 
When you are lying down, start by closing your eyes and allowing yourself a few deep breaths, releasing any tension on the exhale. Allow yourself to melt. Then just follow a GENTLE breath and be a witness of yourself. Step out of the mind and observe. There's nothing else for you to do. No effort, just complete observation of your breath and any sensations you may notice. With that, it is common for people to recognize/sense the movement of energy in their body and/or around them. Again, all you have to do is relax and observe...I will take care of the rest. Set an intention to be open to receive whatever is needed for you at this time.
Reiki sessions can be extremely relaxing, so you may want to set an alarm for yourself if you have something to tend to after your session. When it's over, take your time getting up, drink plenty of water and take note of anything that came up for you (sensations, visuals, thoughts, etc). 
With these sessions, it’s common to try to “make sense” of what was felt or experienced, and if it doesn't make logical sense, we often dismiss it, as if it didn't occur at all. Well, the truth is that energy sessions are best left out of the logical, analytical mind, and understood through the actual experience itself. What did you see, feel or sense? Take note and TRUST what came up for you...because it came up for a reason. Also, look back at what you took note of feeling BEFORE the session. What are the physical and emotional differences, before and after? In addition to this, your energy will still be moving and balancing beyond the session. You may just feel relaxed, and that's perfectly fine too! I recommend paying attention to your perceptions and how you feel, even days after. It’s an unfolding. Take note and enjoy!
I will email you when your session is over. You can also schedule a 30-min  follow-up session, via Skype or Zoom. The follow-up email gives me an opportunity to share while your session is still fresh in my experience, but it is also to allow you time, in case you choose to rest, instead of having a conversation immediately after. If you choose to have a follow-up session through Skype or Zoom, we can arrange a time to speak that is convenient for you. I do recommend the follow-up conversation within the same week, as it allows an opportunity to gain more clarity around what comes up during your session (what was noticed by you).
In general, the sessions are to help rebalance energies and have also been reported to help alleviate physical pain and tension. And although it is common for information to come through intuitively during follow-up sessions, this is not the focus of Reiki sessions. If you have any questions before hand, please let me know. And remember to prepare a few minutes before, as your session will begin, promptly, at your scheduled time.


Intuitive, Self Mastery Coaching:
I recommend being in a quiet space, free from distractions. This will allow me an opportunity to tune-in to your energy with more clarity. Also, it may be necessary for you to lie down, depending on the type of energy work I perform during your session. Be in a space were you are comfortable lying down, or in an upright position.
These sessions are unique, as they combine a blend of intuitive conversation and energy work, sometimes going back and forth between the two for the duration of your session.
Please come prepared with at least one point of focus, but know that sometimes other information will come through, based on what is most prominent in your energetic field. For example, you may want to look at your current relationship, but what may come up could be related to a past experience, which is influencing your energy around your current relationship. What’s interesting about this is that we are often making choices and having experiences for CLEAR reasons, but we are unaware of WHY until we look at our energy. The beauty is that once we acknowledge what we are holding, and how or why, we can then allow those energies to move differently. Shift your energy. Shift your mind. Shift your life!
This is all about you having a better understanding of you! Take note of what comes up after your session, including any insights or “ah-ha’s” during. And similar to Reiki, be mindful to your perceptions and what you feel, even within the days that follow.
These sessions are held via Skype or Zoom. Please be on time, as we will have to end on time, and I want you to get the most out of your session. I look forward to connecting with you! After scheduling your session below, be sure to fill out a client form before we meet.


Energy Balancing

Feeling off balance? Many have come to recognize Reiki as a form of “energy-healing”, but this description leaves out detail of what occurs. These sessions support you in connecting to yourself, on deeper levels. Imagine what you will feel like with clarity of mind and harmonious flow of your life-force energy…


intuitive self-mastery coaching

How annoying can it be when you just want some clarity?! It will come, but sometimes we need support in bringing understanding forward and trusting our own knowing. This session is to help you gain CLEAR insights, beyond your internal distractions, while infusing energy-balancing to support your forward movement.


group work

If you prefer group-work, such as guided meditation journeys and space to share your personal experiences, join the Alchemy Circle! You will be invited to monthly events, and your generosity supports my podcast, Reiki Radio. You will also have access to new content for self-study, every Tuesday! For a small, monthly contribution, you access…


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