After Sessions and Classes…

It is my honor to hold space while you explore your own spiritual nature…

…but beyond why it means so much to me, I’m sure you want to hear what other people have said after my sessions and classes.

I understand. I like reading testimonials, too. They help paint a picture, right? So get down from the fence and see what you think. I’ve added a few under different categories, specific to the work I provide…

I hope to work with you soon!

Yolanda, xo


personal sessions

Sarah A: I was a little skeptical about a distance session but I was pleasantly surprised. I felt warmth in my chest and was able to work through some things that I have been holding onto. Yolanda was very insightful. I would definitely recommend and do again.

N. Grayson, Atlanta: This experience was phenomenal. I feel relieved knowing that I must let go of things that are hindering my growth and ascension. Yolanda gave great insight, guidance and encouragement on how to love myself and why I need to. She also gave great spiritual advice and how to use my own intuitive abilities. Her energy was positive and comforting. My mental, physical, and emotional clarity has been enhanced. My mind isn't cluttered anymore. But I'm not sure if it's because I have released the chord I was holding on too, or both that and the reiki session. The session has improved who I am in just 3 hours. I already feel like a new person. All in all, I recommend this experience to anyone! I will be coming back again. Thank you, Yolanda!!

Aiden F, San Diego:  There isn't enough space here to express how important Yolanda is to this realm! I came in with a heavy space of feeling like I am walking around in the dark, trying to reach out for something that I have no idea what that something is. From the moment I saw Yolanda, I had this amazing feeling about her, like an instant trust and comfort! When you meet her you'll be thinking about the whole time, wow she isn't like any other human I have met, I don't think she is 😊 Her gifts that she shares with people, and has shared with me is extraordinary! You just know you are in good energetic hands with her. Besides going in unbalanced and coming out feeling lifted and grounded, being validated by someone who understands your soul is the most fulfilling feeling you could experience. I left and carried with me to my retreat all that she had said, and it got me through it. Thank you so much Yolonda! I can't wait to see you again soon!

P. Shah, NY: Thanks for being honest and going deep. Your guidance will help immensely! I really enjoyed meeting you and I look forward to future sessions!

Kerri: That was fantastic, thank you! I am astounded at how intensely I could feel your energy. Thank you again! Namaste

Katie: Yolanda was truly sent here to help others along there journey!! She is so loving and humble. She is a beautiful healer, and I can't say enough about the sessions I have had with her. I'm truly blessed to have had her be presented to me along my path. Thank you, Yolanda!

Carol S: I felt held in love--before, during, and after the session. Deep dreams and awareness followed.

Patricia, Utah: I had a distant healing session with Yolanda last week, and I am also a Reiki Master Teacher. All I can say is, "Wow!" She is highly gifted, and knew things she couldn't possibly have known about me. Yolanda is a gift to our awakening world, and if you are on the fence as to if you should have a session with her, please don't hesitate. I haven't felt the same since our session, (in the best way possible!) and it was one of the best things that has happened to me. Thank you, Yolanda. Bless you!

GA: I was fortunate enough to have a long distance Reiki session with Yolanda, and I must say her intuitive abilities are just amazing! Such a warm and giving spirit. Yolanda, thank you again. I got so much out of our session. You've helped me immensely. I'm looking forward to learning more from you in the future. Namaste.

YH, Singapore: I had a distant reiki session with Yolanda recently. She is highly gifted and very intuitive with her energy healing. Lovely being of light and beautiful energy. I see more light and she has touched my heart in a deep, awakening way. Thank you. Y

Michelle, New Jersey: I just had my 3rd light activation session with Yolanda and it was amazing! it makes sense why you book 4 sessions as each one helps peel away the layers of what's blocking you energetically to do the things you want to do in life and to be happy! I highly recommend the light activation series. Yolanda is the best! I've been working with Yolanda for almost 2 years now, mainly distant reiki sessions, energy work, intuition development as well as oracle card webinars and chakra development. Yolanda is not only a fantastic teacher, she's become a friend and more like family to me. I trust, love, and respect her. She truly has a gift and is such an amazing healer, one that we all strive to be one day! Love you, Yolanda and thank you for all that you do!

Reiki students

Janet, San Diego: Yolanda is amazing! So intuitive and accurate with the information she receives and conveys. It’s always an interesting experience to see what the movement of energy brings up. I have to say that I have had many unusual and synchronistic events occur! So grateful for you, Yolanda!

Mary, Encinitas: The reiki workshop exceeded my expectations, beyond all limits. It was the perfect balance between instruction and practice.

CB, Chula Vista: The best part of the experience was the general opening of myself to the energy of Reiki. So many positive experiences, but an incredible increase in my intuitive abilities was the most amazing experience.

Renata, Oakland: I feel very blessed to have met Yolanda and honored to be her Reiki student. I did all my Reiki training with her (from Reiki Level 1 to Reiki Master) and she has always been very supportive, cheerful, generous and inspiring. I am very thankful that we are part of each other's journey. Love & Light. 

AMS, San Diego: Yolanda provides a thoughtful and thorough healing session every time I visit her. She is present, focused and always gives insightful messages that help me to understand my situation. I always look forward to her healing sessions as they leave me feeling so much better! I'm so glad our paths have crossed! 

Lisa P, Sacramento: Yolanda is truly one of a kind. My partner and I have been fortunate enough to experience many different perspectives of Yolanda, one as a teacher, a healer and a friend. As a healer, she helped us to be able to process some difficult challenges in our individual lives. As a teacher, with her extensive knowledge as a Reiki master, she thoughtfully guided us through Reiki level I. As a friend, watching her dedication to the greater good of herself and to others has been truly inspiring. I whole heartedly recommend Yolanda for any spiritual journey you may be contemplating. 

online courses

Jacqueline, Canada: Yolanda reminds her students and clients to "Journey in Love". This is how she lives her life, giving of herself generously and openly. I have been the beneficiary of Yolanda's wisdom, kindness, knowledge, energy, love and intuition. Over the past several months Yolanda has guided me energetically and spiritually. I see myself in new lights, I feel more optimistic about my life, my journey and my possibilities. This has been an incredible gift as it is a time of transformation for me. Yolanda has provided insight and support as I transform. She offers suggestions and strategies, as well as the wisdom of her guides, to support me. I always feel uplifted after spending time in a Yew Chi webinar, class, meditation or one-on-one session. You will be very pleased if you decide to participate in any of the offerings which Yolanda has available. Yolanda has taught me that we are all connected and we are all uplifted if one of us is uplifted. Join us on this journey of love.

MB, North Carolina: Thank you very much for really taking the time to prepare such great classes, with tons of material for us to practice. I'm sad because the classes are almost over. The past ten weeks have been AMAZING. Every exercise is peeling a layer and showing me a little more about myself. Not a fun process I have to admit, but worth it for sure. I am very thankful for finding such an incredible teacher. You really love what you do and I can't wait to see what else you have to teach us.

Donna W: Excellent class to take. Very knowledgeable instructor, Yolanda Williams. Her teaching skills are some of the best, so much so, that I've signed up for her next class!

Angel R: In my opinion, I think this is a class that they should be teaching in every school in the world. Teach people how to assess their lives and learn how to turn it around or steer it in the direction you really want it to go!

NG: I just finished week five and wow I feel so amazing. I feel the vibration through my whole body and still for awhile after I feel so energized. I just received my Reiki Master attunement four days ago and after this meditation, this feeling I have gives me this boost to create this huge dream I've had since I started this journey with Reiki. I love this 44 day challenge. Thank you so much Yolanda. I hope to one day meet you in person. You have inspired me so much!!

Leslie, Virginia: I loved this class. I'm new to cards, and Yolanda was careful and thorough with her teaching. The class series was 8 weeks long - I didn't want it to end. I continue to practice this art each week and use what I took away from the class each time. If you are interested in oracle cards or exploring your intuition, I would recommend this highly. Yolanda is experienced, generous, and present without being 'way out there'. Thank you, Yolanda. I'm looking forward to another class soon.