Reiki Is More Than A Technique; It’s A Way Of Life!






Also known as Reiki Master / Teacher Level

After learning the foundational tools of Reiki, connecting with body, mind and emotions, Shinpiden takes you deeper into personal development and learning how to perform Reiki attunements and the art of reiju. What does it mean to realize ONE, to recognize the divine nature of all living things? This six month course takes you deep into the experience of being the light that is you! Training begins with three-consecutive days of in-person instruction and practice, followed by six-months of online mentoring and additional practice.

Shinpiden (mystery teachings): The Spirit

  • Developing Spiritual and Mental Focus

  • Additional Reiki Techniques and Meditations

  • Deeper Understanding of Sacred Symbols and Mantras

  • Relation to Self and Universe

  • How To Perform Attunements / Reiji

  • Foundations and Development for Teaching Reiki

  • Receive Your Shinpiden Attunement / Reiju

This course cannot be taken until after completing The Energetic Alchemist Reiki Practitioner certification. Upon successful completion of the course, you will be certified as a Usui Reiki Ryoho Teacher (Reiki Master).