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Yolanda is a Reiki-Master Teacher in San Diego, California. She trained with internationally recognized Reiki Masters in the lineages of Usui Reiki Ryoho and Jikiden Reiki®. Yolanda also trained with Shamans and other Healers of various modalities, increasing her intuitive abilities and understanding of Universal Oneness. She uses a blend of techniques to help clients and students achieve deeper connections with themselves, which facilitates new levels of self-awakening and revealing the dynamics of mind, body and energy. Her methods have helped Reiki practitioners, globally, and she is currently authoring a book to highlight how you can deepen your connection, relationship and understanding of what it means to be an expression of the divine in form.

Yolanda is also the host Reiki Radio podcast and creator of the Seekers Circle, which has become an international community of energy-workers. Through the podcast she shares tools to support your spiritual exploration, including interviews of other healers who practice various modalities. She teaches Usui Reiki Ryoho, all levels, in San Diego, and offers intuitive awakening courses, online. You can also work with Yolanda by becoming a Patreon, which supports her ongoing efforts to share this information, globally!


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